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A Cabernet Sauvignon from Staglin Family Vineyard

Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

We have traveled to Napa Valley several times but unfortunately never had the opportunity to visit Staglin Family Vineyard. After enjoying a 2009 Staglin Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and finding it definitely a delightful wine, I visited the winery’s website and discovered some intriguing info.

Staglin Family Vineyard is a true family winery and vineyard with parents and adult children, Shannon and Brandon, very involved. Garen and Shari Staglin purchased the vineyard estate in 1985. Today the vineyard estate has 51 acres of grapevines. The estate vineyard is certified organic. The property has habitats for bees, insects and birds of prey. Wildlife on the estate includes: dragonflies, ladybugs, jackrabbits, fiches and red-tailed hawks. Solar power provides the winery with all of its energy needs.

Most interesting for me is the philanthropy that is a major commitment by the Staglins. While they support numerous charities, their main support is the Music Festival for Brain Health. According to the Staglin’s winery website, “The Music Festival for Brain Health at Staglin Family Vineyard has brought together generous chefs, wineries, top billed musicians and scientists to raise significant funds and awareness for the cause. Thanks to its donors and support from the National Institute for Mental Health, the Music Festival for Brain Health  has raised over $200 million.”

Staglin Family Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford, Napa Valley 2009
This particular Cabernet Sauvignon had 14.9% alcohol. The wine was an opaque, dark purple color. The aroma was like a fruit salad of blackberries, black cherries, cassis and blueberries.  The wine had a smooth mouthfeel. The taste included notes of blackberries, black cherries, licorice and cassis. This full-bodied wine had medium-bold tannins. The finish, with a medium length offered a hint of crispness and fruity notes.

It’s interesting to note that the front label of the bottle is an image of the “Winged Woman Walking” sculpture by Stephen de Staebler. The back label recognizes the winery’s motto. “Our motto “Great Wine for Great Causes” reflects our belief that any success we have achieved with our wines and in our lives is only a beginning to go on and do good things.”

Music Festival for Brain Health

In 2017 the 23rd Annual Music Festival for Brain Health takes place September 16. The events includes a Scientific Symposium, Wine Tasting Reception, Concert Performance and a VIP Dinner.

If you are planning to visit Napa Valley, make plans to visit Staglin Family Vineyard. Reservations can be made online. I know that the next time we visit Napa Valley, we will try to include a visit to Staglin Family Vineyard!


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