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Bodegas La Val, a Rias Baixas Winery

Albariño wine from Bodegas La Val in Rias Baixas

Bodegas La Val is located in the DO Rias Baixas of Spain. The winery was established in 1985 by Mr. Jose Limeres Guille. Historically, Bodegas La Val was started in the O Rosal region. In 2003 the winery relocated  to Finca Arantei in Condado do Tea. It was one of the first wineries in the region to focus on using only their own estate grown grapes.  In 2010 the winery was bought out by a group of investors and today the administrators of Bodegas La Val are Fernando Bandeira García and Antonio Ruiloba Molíns.  Now Bodegas La Val has four estate vineyards that cover approximately 60 hectares (148 acres). The soils in the vineyards range from slate to alluvial and granite. The focus of the winery is the popular Albariño grape variety. In addition to producing Albariño wines, Bodegas La Val is producing liquors. Current liquors include: White eaux-de-vie, Herbs eaux-de-vie, Coffee Liquor and Cream Orujo.

The wines of Bodegas La Val are distributed to over 20 countries. The majority of wines are shipped to the United States, the UK and Germany.

The La Val 2015 was produced with the Albariño grape variety. It had 12% alcohol and the retail price is $18. The wine spent two months on lees. The winery tasting notes included, “The wine has an intense and clean straw-yellow colour with bright green tones. On the nose it shows aromas of fresh herbs and laurel with fine floral and lemon notes as well as white stone fruits. In the mouth it is fresh and rich, with citrus notes and a long finish.” Bodegas La Val suggests food matches including cheese, foie gras, rice, pasta, chicken, fish and seafood.

Enotourism at Bodegas La Val

Tourists and travelers can visit Bodegas la Val and receive guided tours. The winery offers to adapt the tours based on whether the visitors are tourists, professionals or visiting for a leisurely experience. Tours can last from one to three hours. Tours are available in Spanish, English and Galician. Visits may include wine tasting and appetizers. Access to Bodegas La Val is available daily at specific times. Contact  Bodegas La Val for registration and more details.

Below is an online interview with Chema Ureta, the winemaker at Bodegas La Val.

Recent Online Interview with winemaker Chema Ureta at Bodegas La Val

What are your most enjoyable aspects of winemaking? 

The heterogeneity of the vintages, every year is different. It is not a methodical  or a  routine process,  every year you have to face different challenges that test your winemaking skills, sometimes you have to take a fast decision that transforms into transcendental, that creates passion for this job.

How and when did your wine journey begin? 

I am the fourth generation of winemakers. Already in the early  1900’s, my great-grandfather bought wine in bulk to sell it in a wine store. From an early age, I was busy filling bottles, cleaning barrels, bottling wine, etc, you can say that I grew up surrounded by wine

Why did you decide to start making wine? 

I had it in my blood and studied for it.

What do you wish you knew when you started making wine that you now know?

When it comes to winemaking, the less you interfere, the better.

To what do you contribute your success as a winemaker?

If we consider success the fact that our wines are appreciated, I think that it is due to several reasons such as the quality of our vineyard, the dedication and generosity of our workers , and the good job at the winery.

Albariño is a very food friendly wine. What types of foods do you like to pair with Albariño wine? 

Of course, the seafood is the perfect pairing, as well as fresh cheese, but for me it is a surprise how good it pairs with Japanese food (sushi, sashimi, etc).

Look for Bodegas La Val wines at your favorite local wine shop.


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