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Savîle Premium Rumtini: An Island-Style Cocktail in a Bottle

Savîle Rumtini, a cocktail without the fuss!

Too tired to mix a rum cocktail? The Savîle Premium Rumtini may be just what you need! Just pour a little Rumtini over ice and enjoy. Of course there are other ways to enjoy the Savîle Premium Rumtini which may bring back memories of tropical island visits.

The history behind Savîle Premium Rumtini goes back to 1983, when Dee Tutt was planning to entertain her family and friends. Dee had visited islands in the Caribbean and wanted to create a beverage in the same style. Over the years Dee adapted the recipe based on suggestions. Her family and friends were lucky to be the ones to try the various adaptations. A few years ago, Dee developed a business plan to bring the Savîle Premium Rumtini to market. The Savîle Premium Rumtini is now available at many locations in California, Nevada and online.

The Savîle Premium Rumtini is available in one liter bottles and is 14% alcohol. This liquid gold beverage is gluten free and has no artificial preservatives.

Easy to use: add Rumtini and ice and shake!

Several suggested ways to enjoy the Savîle Premium Rumtini are available online. These include: Rumtini Dash, Rumtini Style, Cocktail Style, Sunday Brunch, Margarita Style and Savile Sangria.

After receiving a sample bottle of Savîle Premium Rumtini, we began with the Cocktail Style drink which was simply serving the Savîle Premium Rumtini over ice. This cocktail was a yellow color with aroma notes of pineapple and coconut. The taste was also of pineapple and coconut but with a hint of rum. The taste was sweet and crisp. The finish was crisp and fruity. We also tried the Rumtini style drink which was  easy to make if you have a cocktail shaker. Simply shake the Savîle Premium Rumtini in a martini shaker with ice and serve. This resulted in a dark yellow cocktail with aroma notes of pineapple and melon. The taste was of pineapple and lingered. We also tried the Margarita Style cocktail which called for a shot of tequila. This cocktail was an orange color. The aroma was of sweet pineapple. The taste was tropical and sweet. The mouthfeel was smooth. The finish was sweet with some spice notes of ginger and cinnamon.

Be creative with Savîle Rumtini by making your own cocktail!

Terry decided to make the Rumtini Dash but without the pomegranate liquor on hand, he went with creativity. He used the following ingredients: a dash of lime juice, a dash of apricot brandy and Rumtini. Pouring the mix over ice, the result was yummy! This cocktail offered a tropical fruit aroma with tastes of apricot, pineapple and citrus. The finish was crisp and fruity.

When you have a bottle of Savîle Premium Rumtini, try the suggested recipes on the Savîle Premium Rumtini website. You may want to add some of your own creativity and create your own cocktails with the Savîle Premium Rumtini.

If you like your cocktails fruity with hints of the Caribbean Islands, this may be just the beverage for you to try.


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