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Portuguese Food and Tiles in Lisbon

On our first evening in Lisbon, our tour group had dinner at the historical brewery Cervejaria Trindade. This brewery is known as Portugal’s first brewery.

Cervejaria Trindade dates back to 1294 when it was started as the Most Holy Trinity. The mission of the monks at that time was to help those imprisoned by the Moors. In 1498 one of the monks at the monastery established the Catholic Charity Hospital.

Misfortune occurred in 1708 when a massive fire caused the monastery much destruction. Then in 1755 Lisbon including the monastery suffered from a major earthquake. In 1766 another fire occurred.

The year of 1834 saw the extinction of religious orders. A brewery was started in a small area of the monastery. In 1846 the Trindade Brewery was established. As a brewery, the times and events have changed. Today the Cervejaria Trindade offers visitors beer and a wide selection of foods plus atmosphere.

On our evening at Cervejaria Trindade, several tables were set aside for our group. We enjoyed the flow of beer and wine with numerous food selections. Below is a gallery of the foods we had that evening.

For me, in addition to the camaraderie of the group of wine enthusiasts, there was another feature of Cervejaria Trinidad that I found fascinating. Throughout the restaurant numerous Portuguese tiles portray a variety of images. Check out these photos. When you visit Cervejaria Trindade, be sure to look for the tiles.


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