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6th Day: Portugal

The sixth day of our visit to discover the wines and culture of Portugal began with a visit to the city of Evora. It was a cold and rainy day and matched easily with a visit to the Chapel of Bones in a very large church. The brightest point of the church visit was the opportunity to see a very large collection of nativity scenes of all sizes. One was small enough to fit in a walnut shell; others were much larger. A large chapel is also a available to visit.

Outdoor nativity scene with view of Evora

Tiny nativity scene is one of many nativity sets

Travelers also visit this church








Our next visit was to Herdade do Mouchão in the Alentejo region.  The original winery was started in 1901 and it was completed in 1904. Today the winery continues on in the hands of the 6th generation family. Notice the vintage ladder leaning against the oak tank (vat.)

Herdade do Mouchao

Herdade do Mouchao

Herdade do Mouchao








After lunch at Tasca do Montico, we visited Quinta dos Termos located in an area where the summers are hot with 40º C (104º F). At night the temperatures dip to 10 to 15º C (59º F). The vineyards are organic and therefore no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used. Pruning and harvest is all completed manually.


Quinta dos Termos

Quinta dos Termos

Quinta dos Termos Vineyards








After our visit to Quinta dos Termos, we spent the night at Pousada de Viseu. This hotel is unique in that it was once a hospital. The facility has been totally renovated into a elegant lodging site. Our room was huge with perhaps ceilings that were 15 feet high. The closets and bathroom are housed behind dark wood panels in the center of the room. The large king size bed was located on the other side of the panel.


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