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Day 9: Portugal Wine Tour

Our wine tour with e-Spain and the Washington State University Enology and Viticulture tours added the intriguing experience of visiting a small barrel producer. In Porto one morning, we visited Josafer Cooperage, a family owned and operated cooperage. In addition to producing large oak wine barrels, they also rejuvenate oak barrels. Our group was treated to a step-by-step process of crafting an oak barrel by hand. The workers at Josafer Cooperage are skilled crafts people who have learned their skills from the ground up. Our tour was conducted by the daughter and her brother of the founder of this small, boutique cooperage.

Josafer Cooperage where barrel making is a craft!

Demo of how a barrel stave is made

Josafer Cooperage barrel head







Graham’s Port Lodge

Next we visited a port lodge. Graham’s Port Lodge dates back to the 19th century. The company focuses on producing ports and still wines. The port wines for Graham’s are brought from the Douro region and aged in the Graham’s large cellars.

Welcome to Graham’s Port Lodge

View of Graham’s from The Yeatman Hotel

Four ports at Grahams – yes, they have more!









Vinum Restaurant

After our detailed tour of Graham’s Port Lodge in Porto, we entered the winery’s restaurant known as Vinum. We were invited to visit the wine bar area of the restaurant to enjoy a cocktail made with port, tonic water, a slice of lemon and a mint leaf. This cocktail was definitely refreshing. After receiving the cocktail we returned to the dining area of Vinum where we enjoyed another two to three hour lunch.

Cocktail at Graham’s Vinum Restaurant

Soup at Vinum Restaurant

Fresh salad with cod








O Valentim Restaurant

Later we had dinner at O Valentim Restaurant is located outside of Porto and is within a short distance of the ocean. The emphasis at O Valentim is on seafood. To the delight of sardine lovers, three different plates of sardines in various sizes were served. Other dishes included an appetizer of octopus and later an entreé with sea bass.

For the evening we arrived at The Yeatman Hotel, where we stayed for several nights. The Yeatman Hotel is a high-end lodging site across the river from Porto, with picturesque views of the Douro River running through the city of Porto. The hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, it has the added addition of a large spa that offers vinotherapie treatments by Caudale treatments. The hotel is located near several large Port lodges, making it an ideal location to stay.

Scene from Hotel Yeatman entrance

View of Porto from hotel room balcony

Vinotherapie Spa entrance









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