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Day 12: Portugal Wine Tour

We extended our winery tour of Portugal’s wine region for a couple extra days. On the twelfth day of our our visit to Portugal, we visited three port lodges across the Douro River from Porto.

Our  first visit was to the Offley port house in Vila Nova de Gaia across the Douro River. Offley was started by William Offley in 1737. His nephew, Joseph James Forrester gained fame for his extensive survey of the Douro and the vineyards.


Offley port house

Have you tried Offley’s White Port yet?

Offley’s port tasting









Our next visit was to Taylor Fladgate. The port lodge, established in 1692, is one of Portugal’s oldest port lodges. Visitors to the Taylor Fladgate port house can enjoy a long, self-guided tour and a tasting port. Over the many years, four families have been involved with the port house including: Bearsley, Taylor, Fladgate and Yeatman. 

Taylor Fladgate is a large production port house

Taylor Fladgate’s enjoyable tasting room

Vintage port barrel at Taylor Fladgate in









Our final visit of the day was to Ramos Pinto port lodge that is close to the Douro River. The port lodge was established by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880. In 1902 he purchased the current building. Ramos Pinto was one of the first to use bottles for exporting its wines. For many years wines were exported to Brazil. Adriano Roams Pinto was a connosieur of art, wine and beauty. The port lodge also has a museum which offers visitors a look at an array of vintage items used during the early 20th century.

Ramos Pinto Port Lodge

Barco rabelo, model

Tasting room at Ramos Pinto port lodge









Our stay in Portugal was coming to a close much too soon!



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