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Visiting Texas this Summer? Visit a Winery

Messina Hof Winery, Texas

Texas is home to many wineries. With so many wineries, it is quite easy to find a Texan winery to visit. Take time to visit the GO TEXAN website before leaving for Texas. You will find an plethora of information regarding Texas. The website also lists the numerous wine trails in Texas including:Texas Hill Country Wineries, Grapevine

Texas Legato Wine

Wine Trail, Way Out Wineries, Texas High Plains Wine and Vine Trail, Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 and several more.

If you are looking for a grape harvest experience, you will want to consider participating at the Messina Hof Winery & Resort harvest experience. This year will be Messina Hof’s 41st Annual Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival at their Bryon, TX location begins in late July and continues into August. The festival includes a  range of activities to choose from including harvest and special dinners. Tickets are available online.

Spicewood Vineyards, Texas

Particularly interesting is the GO TEXAN website’s Flower & Wine Pairings. Examples include pairing Chardonnay with chrysanthemums, lilies with Sauvignon Blanc, red roses with Cabernet, and snapdragons with Syrah wines.

While visiting Texas wineries we came across some grape varieties that are less familiar to wine enthusiasts; however, we certainly enjoyed them. Of course, we enjoy tasting any well-made wine. While tasting traditional wines, be sure to expand your wine experience by tasting Orange Muscat, Blanc du Bois, Lenoir and Muscat Cannelli. 

Wine Trail Traveler has been fortunate to visit and write about more than 50 Texas wineries. Many of the wineries have very unique stories to tell and quality wines to taste. We hope to return to Texas again to discover more delightful wineries.


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