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Alma Vitis, a White Wine from Portugal

Alma Vitis, white wine in Portugal

On a pleasant, sunlit afternoon, we opened a bottle of Alma Vitis wine from Portugal. This particular Alma Vitis white wine was a gift from the mayor of a town in the Torres Vedras DOC region. Our wine tour, e-Spain by Ángel Moretón, had stopped at three small wineries in the Torres Vedras DOC region and we were pleased to meet Carlos Manuel Antunes Bernardes, mayor of Torres Vedras. After our wine tasting at Quinta da Folgorosawe returned to our large tour bus and were pleasantly surprised to realize that we had been gifted with a Alma Vitis white wine.

The Alma Vitis wine was 13.5% alcohol. The color of the wine was a pale yellow with a green hue. The wine aroma was light and delicate with tropical fruit notes including grapefruit and hints of pineapple.  The taste included mineral notes. The finish was fruity with mineral. The finish was forward with a mineral aftertaste.

The wine was perfect on a 70 degree autumn day with the sun shining brilliantly. You will want to consider enjoying this wine as a “pick me up.” Recommended serving suggestions include shellfish and fish.

It is important to know that the Alma Vitis wine is produced with Fernão Pires and Arinto. The winemakers are Lisete Lucas and José Neiva Correiauboeuf.

The wine business is Adega Coop. de São Mamede da Ventosa C.R.L. It is located in the Torres Vedra region of Portugal. The cooperative had its beginnings in 1956. Their inspiration was their love of tradition and the land. The  organization was focused on promoting local development and promoting the region. Today the cooperative uses modern technology and intent of producing quality wines.

When traveling be sure to look for Alma Vitis wines.


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