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APVSA Wine Tasting Tour Starts Today

APVSA wine tasting

Each year, the APVSA (Association for the Promotion of Wines and Spirits in North America) offers wine tastings throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. These wine tastings are usually geared towards importers with some wine writers included. During the current wine tour, WINE’TER IS COMING, which started today in New York will continue on through 11 more major cities in North America.

In recent years the majority of wineries taking part in the wine tastings are located in France. APVSA seeks to locate small, relatively unknown wineries that are producing quality wines. These wineries are seeking to locate importers in order that their wines can be exported to the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The APVSA provides wine tastings in several large US cities. In 2019 the APVSA is hosting wine tastings in:

  • New York: January 15
  • Washington, DC: January 16
  • Atlanta: January 17
  • Miami: January 18
  • New Orleans: January 21
  • Dallas: January 22
  • Mexico City: January 23
  • Los Angeles: January 24
  • San Francisco: January 25
  • Vancouver: January 28
  • Toronto: January 30
  • Montreal: January 31

Tomorrow’s wine tasting in Washington, DC will include wines from Provence, Champagne, Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest, Rhone Valley, Languedoc, Beaujolais and Ile Maurice.

This is an wonderful opportunity for wine importers and wine writers to taste and learn about the little known quality wines produced in Europe. Winemakers and distributors are interesting to talk with and delighted when you show you are interested in their products. It should be noted that not every winery will have its winemaker at every event; some wineries will be represented by distributors.

More information is available on the APVSA website. 

APVSA, located in Montreal, has been in existence for almost 20 years. Pascal Fernand is the President of APVSA. 

Check out some of the photos we have from earlier APVSA wine tastings in Washington, DC.





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