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National Potato Chip Day and Wine

Potato chips and champagne

Many who know me understand that I absolutely love potato chips. On top of that I am very choosy about my potato chips. I had to laugh when I told one of my daughters that my favorite potato chip was a simple, thin-sliced potato chip offered by our local grocery store. I was amazed when my daughter agreed with me.

March 14 is National Potato Chip Day

However, before I go into details about the history of potato chips, let me tell you about the best wine pairing for potato chips. While traveling in wine country, we were offered potato chips with a sparkling wine. It was delightful. Early on I would never have considered pairing wine with potato chips. It seems the salt in potato chips increases the flavor with the dryness of the wine. The chemistry works.

Four years ago when we were in the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terry wrote a blog about the potato chip and champagne pairing we did.

National Day Calendar offers  a good historical look at the history of potato chips which seems to have originated in the mid 1800s. Today two US potato chip makers claim to be one of the oldest potato chip companies. On MikeSells website, “Sure, we’ve been around longer than almost every other potato chip company in the United States… a milestone we wouldn’t have reached without all our loyal, passionate fans.”

The other potato chip company website history page indicates they were the oldest company to make potato chips, starting in 1908. “What does it take for a small family-owned business to exist for over one hundred years and four generations? Determination, courage, ingenuity and a strong work ethic. Such is the case with the Tri-Sum Potato Chip Company. Back in 1908, J.P. Duchesneau, an enterprising entrepreneur, drove his horse drawn wagon on an eight mile route delivering his hand-cooked potato chips to Leominster and Fitchburg establishments.”

If you like potato chips, try pairing the chips with a sparkling wine to celebrate National Potato Chip Day!


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