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International Grenache Day

It’s appropriate to highlight the Grenache grape variety today, as September 20, 2019, is International Grenache Day.  Today is the 10th annual celebration of Grenache Day. International Grenache Day is celebrated every 3rd Friday in September.

Photo credit: #grenacheday-grenache-association.com

8 Facts About Grenache

  1. Many other names exist for Grenache, a few include Garnacha, Alicante and Cannonau. In addition to the Grenache Noir variety, other Grenache varieties include Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris and Hairy Grenache.
  2. Granache red wines may offer raspberry and strawberry with hints of white pepper.
  3. Serving temperatures: for red Grenache serve at 55 to 65 degrees F; whites and rosés should be chilled but not less than 45 degrees F.
  4. Grenache can be found growing on six continents.
  5. “Grenache can be found everywhere,” comments Grenache Association US Ambassador Andy Abramson. “Wherever I travel around the world from Australia and New Zealand to Spain, Italy, France, Algeria, Greece, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and China, I know I can find a bottle of local Grenache wine to explore.”
  6. Winemakers frequently use Grenache when blending wines and also also produce 100% Grenache wine.
  7. In the vineyard Grenache is drought resistant and is considered eco-friendly.
  8. Lovers of Grenache are also known as Grenachistas.

Food Pairings for Grenache

The Grenache Association which was established in 2010 offers a detailed list of food pairings depending upon the style of wine produced with Grenache.

Red Varietal: Light Poultry or pork, salmon or trout, barbecue

Red Varietal: Full-bodied Meat, grilled foods, important meals

Red Blend: Light Grilled foods, works both with meat & fish

Red Blend: Full Bodied  Grilled foods, spicy, flavoured foods, slow-cooked Daubes, Boeuf Bourguignon, lamb shoulder, game. Spices: thyme, tarragon, garlic, chives & fennel

White / Blanc / Gris Summer truffles, salad, barbecue, white fish with lemon, Al fresco dining

Rosé (Dry) Versatile with food: Salads, including raw tomatoes, vinaigrettes Fish: especially salmon, and seafood Light meats: paprika-spiced chorizo Particularly good with spicy, Thai, Vietnamese & Chinese food

Fortified Grenache: Pale Colour: White, Amber, Tawny. Rabbit terrine with onion marmalade, roasted figs, dried fruits, almonds/nuts

Fortified Grenache: Fruity Colour: Red. Roasted black fruits with dark chocolate, blue cheese

Fortified Grenache: Oxidised Colour: Red: Blue cheese, sesame ice cream, nougatine.”

Recently we received a bottle of wine from NETÓFA, an estate winery in Basse Galilee, Israel. This wine was a blend of Grenache and Syrah. The wine offered notes of raspberries, strawberries, spices, leather and soft tannins. We enjoyed a glass of the wine on a small deck overlooking the gardens. This blend of wine would have been excellent with grilled hamburgers.


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