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Bear Harvests Grapes in California Vineyard

Navarro Vineyards is located in Mendocino County in Northern California. We traveled there several years ago and discovered a heartwarming welcome and a delightful one of a kind visits at numerous wineries and homes. We’ll always treasure our time visiting there where kindness and goodwill seem to predominate. 

Babydoll sheep are used for controlling vineyard weeds at Navarro Vineyards.

Mendocino County wineries came to mind today, when I read a short article about Navarro Vineyards, one of the delightful wineries we visited. The winery is located in Philo and when we visited we learned about their extensive interest in using babydoll sheep to control vineyard weeds.

The news regarding Navarro Vineyards involved cameras that they have set up in the vineyards. In August one of the cameras caught sight of wildlife including fox and a large bear trotting or trudging past Navarro Vineyards. Later in September, a bear is caught on camera munching on the almost ready for harvesting Pinot Noir.

Beautiful landscaping at Navarro Vineyards in Mendocino County, California

On the Navarro Vineyard Facebook page for one of the videos, “Navarro’s taste-tester is back to “get it when the gettin’ is good.” As we’re continuing our harvest, our nighttime friend continues to munch on Pinot Noir from our high-elevation vineyards. We’ll be ready to harvest these grapes in the next few weeks, so hopefully this big guy leaves some for us.” Check out the photos on Navarro Vineyard’s Facebook page.

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