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More Wines from Italy’s Piedmont Region

We tasted some wines from Italy at a wine tasting earlier this year in Washington, DC. The  Barolo Brunello Barbaresco 2020 Italian wine tasting was presented by Empson (U.S.A.), Inc.

Grignolino Del Monferrato “Bricco Mondalino” DOC 2018

Gaudio Bricco Mondalino, a Piedmont Winery

In the early 1970s, Amilcare Gaudio, an oenologist, knew he wanted to start his own winery. In 1973 Amilcare started Gaudio Bricco Mondalino. The winery is located in the Vignale Monferrato municipality which is in the province of Alessandria.

The Gaudio family was already experienced in winemaking, as the family had been involved in winemaking for three centuries. The family had begun winemaking in the late 1700s. The winery was named for the highest point in Mondalino hill. Today the winery continues to be family owned and operated. Mauro, Amilcare’s son, operates the winery and is the winemaker. The winery currently produces 100,000 bottles.

Gaudio Bricco Mondalino has 44.5 acres of vineyards located on white calcareous soil.  The focus of the winery is on native varieties. The seas must once have covered the area as the soil is filled with marine deposits and fossilized seashells.

I tasted  two wines produced by Gaudio Bricco Mondalino. The Grignolino Del Monferrato “Bricco Mondalino” DOC 2018. This wine was produced with 100% Grignolino, a native grape variety.  The wine was produced in stainless steel and macerated for two weeks. The wine was aged in stainless steel for eight months. The wine with 13.5% alcohol was a translucent orange red color. The aroma included notes of earthiness. The mouthfeel was velvety smooth. The wine offered notes of cherries and raspberries. The back label noted that this wine is “ideal with a wide range of good from antipasti to second courses, even fish.” 

A “yummy’ refreshing effervescent wine from Gaudio Bricco Mondalino

The Malvasia di Casorzo “Dolce Stil Novo” DOC 2018 was in one word, “yummy.” This refreshing wine was produced with 100% Malvasia Rossa. This 7% alcohol wine was aromatic with fruit and very effervescent. The taste was fruity and included notes of red berry fruits and cherries. I would suggest this wine as a delightfully relaxing wine to be enjoyed as a 4P wine – perfect for the patio, porch, pool or picnic.

Wine tastings at the Gaudio Bricco Mondalino are available daily. Do check ahead before arriving at the winery.


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