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First Wine of 2013 Down the Drain

Kathy spent some time in the wine room and came up with a bottle of Petite Sirah. We haven’t had a Petite Sirah in quite awhile and I was anxious to try it. As usual, I pour a bit in my glass and try it before pouring the wine for dinner. The aroma sent up […]

Best “Wine” Forward

This weekend, we had a small party with friends and family. Usually we cook and bake almost everything, but this time around we decided to take the easy way out and went to a local box store where we purchased cheese and turkey rolls, vegetables and a yummy chocolate cake with a creamy center. We […]

Vineyards and Wine

More vineyards are popping up throughout the United States than ever before. Research is taking place at educational institutions, including New York, Minnesota and Virginia and some states like Colorado are funding vineyard research. More varieties of grapes are available. As a result, some people are beginning to enjoy different styles of wine. Grape varietals […]

Faulty Wines

Tasting wine is a unique individual perspective.

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