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Summertime Chilled Dessert Includes Champagne

What’s a day without a sparkling wine whether it’s champagne, cava, prosecco or any sparkling wine? Occasionally sparkling wines are used in recipes, too! Below is a recipe from the Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission for Red Raspberry Champagne Granita. It’s a chilled dessert and seems perfect for a hot summer day! Enjoy. Later I […]

A Special Beverage with Champagne

I really enjoy most Champagnes and sparkling wines. They are light and refreshing while pairing well with food. Champagne and sparkling wine should be used everyday not just for special occasions. It would be nice if the price were lower so it could become more popular as an every day drink. If you want to […]

Fruit, Wine and Recipes

As we travel from/to wineries in various wine regions, we quite frequently come across fruit wines. While some people do not consider fruit wines to be a wine, I happen to think that fruit wine is a wine just as rice wine is a wine. There is a place for fruit wines. Some winemakers don’t […]

Recipes Using Champagne, Great for Mother’s Day!

Are you looking for something special for Mother’s Day? While Champagne and sparkling wine are great anytime, you will want to check out these two recipes that use Champagne. The Sparkling Berry Champagne is easy and can be quickly made while the Red Raspberry Champagne Granita with numerous steps takes about 1 ½ hours plus […]

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