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A Perfect Score: The Art , Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery

The 200 plus page paperback book is an easy to read book that follows the wine journey of Craig and Kathryn Hall who founded HALL and WALT Wines.

PROOF: The Science of Booze, a Review

Adam Rogers, author of PROOF: The Science of Booze brings those interested in wine, spirits or beer into the minds of producers. The chapters of the book delve into different aspects of making alcohol to drinking it to the research taking place or not, on how to cure hangovers.

Wine Review of Wild Cañon Harvest 2007

We had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Wild Cañon Harvest 2007 produced by The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Colorado. Bottled in a clear wine bottle with a cross as part of the label, the rosé wine color is an enticing light red. The aroma and taste are fruit forward. As Terry […]

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