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Wine Review of Wild Cañon Harvest 2007

We had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Wild Cañon Harvest 2007 produced by The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Colorado. Bottled in a clear wine bottle with a cross as part of the label, the rosé wine color is an enticing light red. The aroma and taste are fruit forward. As Terry walked past me with his wine glass, I could appreciate the aroma without even the traditional swirling and smelling. Not only is the aroma full of fruit nuances but the taste is as well. Aromas and tastes included red berries, rhubarb and Niagara grape. This wine dried on the finish and had a long aftertaste.

This is the community wine produced from grapes grown throughout the community. Anyone who donates 20 pounds of grapes for this wine has their name on the back of the label. When you have the opportunity, enjoy a refreshing glass of Wild Cañon Harvest wine.

Cheers! Kathy

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