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Auxerrois Grape Variety: Not Well Known

The Auxerrois grape variety is an interesting grape for winemaking. The white grape variety is frequently found in Alsace, France. The grape is frequently used for blending but occasionally is used as a single varietal wine.

Lagrein, an Unusual Wine Grape to Discover

While I enjoy well made traditional wines, I find it fascinating to discover more unusual wines. Lagrein is a red grape variety believed to be indigenous to northern Italy in the region Alte Aidge.

Bronx Grape Variety: A Difficult Grape Variety and Wine to Find

While visiting the Valencia province in Spain, we discovered a grape variety which seems to be quite rare.

A Look at Nebbiolo: What It Is and Where It Grows

The Nebbiolo grape variety is primarily found in the Piemonte region of northern Italy.

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