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Bronx Grape Variety: A Difficult Grape Variety and Wine to Find

Phsys Thor Dulce

Pago Tharsys Dulce, 100% Bronx grape variety

While visiting the Valencia province in Spain, we discovered a grape variety which seems to be quite rare. This was a bit surprising since the grape was actually developed on the East Coast of the United States at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

The Bronx grape is used for winemaking but it is not a traditional winemaking grape. In fact, the grape is a cross of NY 8536 (Goff x Iona) x Sultanina. In the US, Sultanina is also known as Thompson Seedless.

Normally Bronx grapes are used as table grapes and raisins. As we discovered, Bronx grapes have also been used to produce a sweet white wine.

It was on a visit and stay at  Pago de Tharsys as we talked with owner and winemaker Vicente Garcia, that we tasted the Dulce wine.  We wrote, “The Dulce was a sweet wine made with the Bronx grape. It was a bright yellow color. The wine offered tropical fruits and jammy fruits on the aroma. The taste was like honey and fruit jams. Although sweet, the wine was balanced and the acidity helped to cut the sweetness.” The winery suggests pairing Dulce with different cheeses including creamy cheeses and blue cheese, desserts and chocolate.

History of the Bronx grape variety

According to the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station website, the Bronx grape was first developed in 1925. It was not until 1937 that the grape was named Bronx Seedless.

The grape was developed as part of a program to develop seedless grapes in 1919. The program was designed as a cooperative venture between the New York Botanical Gardens and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University.

Information about the Bronx grape variety is rather limited, but finding the Bronx wine and fresh grapes are even more difficult to find.

If you visit the historic city of Requena between Valencia and Madrid, Spain, stop at Pago Tharsys to taste the wine. They also have an assortment of other quality wines. You may even want to stay for an evening or two in their delightful rustic lodging.

Please contact me if you know where the Bronx grape or wine can be found.



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