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IWINETC Offers Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsors are highlighted at IWINETC

Sponsors are highlighted at IWINETC

Plan to have your wine or tourism business represented at the International Wine Tourism Conference in 2016.

Have you attended the International Wine Tourism Conference? This event is also known by the acronym IWINETC.  The conference can take place in any country. IWINETC’s most recent  conference was in Reims, France an area where so many elegant and delicious champagnes are produced.

In 2016 the conference will be in the beautiful area of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. IWINETC is scheduled for April 5 and 6 and a workshop takes place April 7.

Over two days, the conference offers many seminars to attend. This conference is important for the wine industry, tourism companies and CVBs, exporters and importers. IWINETC provides an opportunity for any company to sponsor and showcase their specialty.

At every conference I have attended, sponsors can offer materials that highlight their business. They can have an advertisement place on the IWINETC website. Discover what a sponsorship can do for your tourism, travel and wine business.

Be sure to check out the IWINETC. Registration for IWINETC begins soon.

If your business is related to the wine and tourism industry, you should consider being a sponsor at the 2016 International Wine Tourism Conference in Barcelona.

Visit the IWINETC website to learn more. Contact the organizer Anthony Swift at info@winepleasures.com.


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