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Grand Valley, Colorado Photos

In addition to very good wines the Grand Valley area of Colorado offers stunning views of vineyards and their backgrounds. The first photo was taken at Canyon Wind Cellars. The Colorado River flows pass these vineyards at 4710 feet above sea level.




Harvest time at Garfield Estate Winery shows Mount Garfield in the background. In the foreground grapes are ready for the crush. Netting is used to protect the grapes from birds.





Grand River Vineyards has grapes nearing harvest. The Bookcliffs provide the background for these vines. This section of vineyard will be harvested as late as possible to allow the sugars to increase in the grapes. During harvest season, visitors may sample these grapes from the vine.





A couple of scarecrows stand guard over the vineyard at Graystone Vineyards. The Grand Mesa provides a background. Graystone makes three wonderful ports.






Next to the Wine Country Inn the vineyard basks in the sunlight. A stray cloud drifts towards the Bookcliffs. The natural beauty of the area adds to the landscape of vineyards. Although grapes are grown between 4000 and 6000 feet, they mature and often have high sugar levels at harvest time.





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