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A Glass of Wine

What do you look for in a glass of wine? Which matters the most when you are enjoying a glass of wine? Out of three of the primary tasting categories: aroma, taste and finish, is one more overriding than the others? If I limit myself to the three categories above, I most likely would say taste is most important. However to be honest if the aroma is not right, than the taste will likely be affected. If there is not much of a finish, will this be a memorable wine?

As I write this post, I thought back to wines I have enjoyed greatly. Each one of those times, there was more than just aroma, taste and finish. Each memorable wine was also associated with a memorable experience.

When we visited Italy in 2007, we experienced the taste of some delicious Sangiovese Chianti wines with dinners. The wines complemented the dinners and the experience of eating Italian meals in Italy led to the ultimate experience that included the wine.

In June, we met and had dinner with several wine enthusiasts in Colorado. Dinner was at Garlic Mike’s and each segment of the meal was paired with Cottonwood Cellars wines. The wines were delicious but it was the experience of meeting with other wine enthusiasts, wonderful gourmet food, and good wine that made the experience memorable.

A visit to Knapp Vineyards in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes included lunch with friends and family. Sitting on a sun-drenched patio with large grape vines providing shade, we order sumptuous lunches and a sparkling wine. Lunch with friends, good food and wine led to another ultimate experience.

When drinking wine be sure to include the experience as part of the enjoyment of the wine.

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