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Sulfites in Wine

There is much concern about a substance that appears naturally in many foods we eat – sulfites. Sulfites are found in grape skins and are a product of fermentation. Winemakers frequently add sulfites as a preservative. Therefore, while most wines have sulfites, you may occasionally discover a winemaker who does not add sulfites to his wines.

We were pleasantly surprised to visit a winery at which the winemaker does not add sulfites to his wines. Balistreri Vineyards, in Colorado, is one of the few wineries that produces very approachable wine naturally. John Balistreri is passionate about winemaking. In addition to not adding sulfites to his wines, John also allows the grapes to ferment on their own yeast. The only sulfites in his wines are naturally occurring sulfites. He does not filter, rack or fine wines. The resulting wines may have a slight haze or slight sediment – but this in no way is detrimental to the wine. In fact, many wine drinkers may prefer wines that are not fined, filtered or racked. It is a more natural process.

Balistreri is located 10 minutes from Denver, Colorado and is definitely a winery you want to visit. Be sure to ask about the Annual Harvest Party in October and make plans to attend.

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