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Prepping for the Drink Local Wine Conference

Prepping for the Drink Local Wine Conference in Denver on Saturday. So exactly how does one prepare for a conference? Well, I looked at several hundred vineyard photos that I took a few years back while visiting wineries and vineyards in Colorado. Then another way to set your mind is to drink wine from the […]

Winefest in Denver this Summer!

Yesterday I received an email withWinefest information from Doug Caskey who is the Executive Director of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. Doug is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual who truly supports the Colorado wine industry. The Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology is bringing Winefest to Denver. The dates are June 9-11, 2011. A […]

“Outside the Box” Winery Activities, Part 2

Often you will hear about wineries that have Grape Stomps that wine lovers can enjoy. We’ve visited several wineries that host these “Lucy” type events. However, we discovered an unusual twist to grape stomps. Do you ever wonder what happens to the resulting crushed grapes? Perhaps thinking “What a waste to throw it all out?” […]

Balistreri 2007 Colorado Zinfandel

The easy to drink Zinfandel explodes with ripe juicy blackberry flavor. The red translucent color is a bit deceiving because this wine packs a punch that you may not notice. It has a delightful aroma of blackberries and spices. The velvet mouth feel gives way to a very fruity taste. The finish is crisp and […]

Sulfites in Wine

There is much concern about a substance that appears naturally in many foods we eat – sulfites. Sulfites are found in grape skins and are a product of fermentation. Winemakers frequently add sulfites as a preservative. Therefore, while most wines have sulfites, you may occasionally discover a winemaker who does not add sulfites to his […]

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