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Wine in Cans?

Wine containers have changed throughout the history of wine. In Georgia, amphora was used to transport wine. Kvevri was used to ferment wines. Clay vessels were used for centuries. Oak barrels eventually replaced amphora and kvevri. Oak barrels were easier to ship. With the advent of identical sized glass bottles, the wine world perceived that this would be the container of choice. Include a glass bottle with a cork and a label and one has the modern concept of what wine is to look like in a vessel. Just as in the past, change is in the air.

When the packaging of wine turned to boxes, I eventually came to believe that under certain circumstance it was fine. Boxes and plastic bottles would be fine for wines designed to be used within a year or two. But a sip box with a straw, I don’t think so. Now the wine industry is selling cans of wine.

Somehow, for me it takes wine down a notch. While beer is fine for many consumers, trying to equate wine with beer just doesn’t work. Wine is a very different beverage and should be treated as such. With wines delicate aromas and flavors, it should be treated as a delicious beverage best served from appropriate containers and in “real wineglasses.”

Have you tried a can of wine? Does the wine taste the same as one in glass? I believe wine is influenced by the experience and drinking a wine from a can lowers the experience. What is your opinion? Will you buy wine in a can?

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