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Eat, Drink and Travel Locally

With the uncertainty of the economy, many are cutting expenses in several areas. One of these areas is travel. In recent Internet travel discussions, authors point out that the airline industry, hotels, restaurants and theme parks all have seen a decrease in usage. Winery and vineyard tasting rooms are likely going to see a downturn in visitors. However the current economic conditions may offer winery and vineyard tasting rooms other options than joining the doom and gloom bandwagon.

 Add travel to the eat and drink local movement and you now have an “Eat, Drink and Travel” locally movement. Just as people are reluctant to stop drinking wine, they are going to be apprehensive to give up travel completely especially when there are other options. Many winery and vineyard tasting rooms are within a hour’s drive of millions of wine enthusiasts, others are a day trip away. There are certainly advantages to visiting winery and vineyards that are close by.

One advantage is that they can be visited often. Vineyards are alive and ever changing. Witness weeping and bud break in the spring. Observe the grapes develop during the summers. From Veraison to harvest offers many photo opportunities to amateur and professional photographers. Fall colors abound and winter solace offers tranquil escapes.

Wineries offer new releases throughout the year and tasting their portfolio is never static. Compare wines from different vintages. Taste wines that you tasted previously. Perhaps your interest in the wines has changed.

Many wineries offer events especially during the summer months. Consider a local winery’s events as opposed to a city escape for a weekend.

One does not have to give up on travel during these economic times. Explore new travel opportunities to the local winery and vineyard tasting rooms. 

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