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Volunteers Needed at Wine Festivals

I received an email today that reminded me that many wineries want volunteers to help at wine festivals. Ray Brasfield of Cygnus Wine Cellars in Manchester, Maryland emailed that he needs volunteers for the Wine in the Woods festival this weekend (May 16-17.) Ray’s shifts for Saturday are full but he needs help for Sunday. 

If you are interested in volunteering at a festival, contact your favorite winery or one that you would like to know more about. The Wine in the Woods festival in Columbia, Maryland has many volunteers working at the winery tents. The camaraderie between the volunteers is great. There is a surge of energy as festivalgoers line up for tastings. From my experience, the festival hours are in shifts so a volunteer only works about three hours. Rewards include the fun, camaraderie, often if not always free ticket admission to the festival.

I volunteered for Fiore Winery in Pylesville, Maryland two years ago and really had a lot of fun. I would like to help at a festival again when time permits. The experience of working behind the tables is unique and very different from the waiting in line for a tasting.

If you decide to volunteer at a festival, dress comfortably and be prepared for rain or shine.

Cheers, Kathy 

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