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Memorial Day Weekend Picnics

With Memorial Day Weekend here, have you made your plans? Picnics are popular but how can you make yours special? Add a bottle of wine to your picnic basket. Since picnics are casual and sometimes spontaneous events, this could be the day to experiment with a new grape varietal, a new winery or wine region. Since the day may be hot and sunny and the air filled with floral scents, you may want to choose a light-bodied white wine. A crisp wine with low residual sugar, perhaps a rosé would also do well with your picnic array of foods. Do have a cooler with you and as a food precaution keep cold food cold and hot food hot.

If you haven’t decided your picnic setting, your backyard may be perfect. Save on transportation i.e. gas. However, if you would rather be on the move, visit a winery. Not all wineries allow food on their premises, especially if they have restaurants but many do encourage people to bring picnics. Do call the winery in advance, so you won’t be disappointed. If you are planning to picnic at a winery, plan on purchasing your wine at the winery. If packing a picnic basket to enjoy at a park, check on the park’s regulations before entering with any type of alcohol.

Drink responsibly and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Cheers! Kathy

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