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Mulled Wine Recipes

It’s been cool (cold?) and rainy for the last three days. Even yesterday I started thinking about making a mulled wine in the crockpot. The wine warmed with spices would taste good. It would also warm me up and the aroma throughout the house would be wonderful. Why didn’t I make it yesterday? I thought about waiting and sharing the experience with others and truth be told, I did get busy with other Thanksgiving duties. It’s midday here on the east coast and it’s has been raining all morning. Should I start mulled wine today or wait until tomorrow when the kitchen will become somewhat chaotic?

In any event, below are links to three mulled wine recipes in case the idea of a mulled wine intrigues you for this holiday weekend.

Connie’s Concoction http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/beverages1.php

Mulled Wine http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/beverages6.php

Glouvine (Vin Gewurtz) http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/beverages10.php

Cheers, Kathy

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