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Let the Holiday Parties Begin!

Yesterday we had a delightful Christmas and Holiday celebration with family and friends. It was great seeing and talking to family and friends we haven’t seen in ages. The ages ranged from an almost one year old to our grand dame of 92. She is now a great great grandmother!

There were numerous goodies to choose between. I noticed that the teens and millenials really enjoyed the pizza. Others offerings included tender barbecue ribs and fried chicken. Delightful salads were available including a green salad with blackberries and strawberries adding color. A party mix to nibble on was made with pretzels and Chex cereal. It was sweet and one could nibble it for hours. I really need to get that recipe as well as the recipe for the chocolate and marshmallow bars. Yum!

Several wines were also available. I had a small glass of a dry red wine. It was smooth and very nice. Then I spied the Champagne and opted for that. It was light and palate cleansing and seemed to be the perfect wine to have with such an array of foods.

Terry had a Cabernet Sauvignon that was dry and smooth. A bottle of Tannat from Virginia was also available. He decided to see what blending a Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat would do to the nuances of the wine. After tasting the blend, he announced that it was very good.

We hope you are enjoying the holiday spirit as much as we are.

Cheers! Kathy

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