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2009 A Busy Year for Wine Trail Traveler

2009 has been a busy year with all of the ups and downs of any typical year. In 2009 Wine Trail Traveler visited 150 wineries discovering new wine regions in Texas, California, Wisconsin and Kentucky as well as returning to previously visited areas to visit other undiscovered wineries.

Along the way, we met many wonderful people both winery staff and visitors. Visiting a winery is an unparalleled experience. As our daughter who recently visited a winery that was working to produce a blueberry wine, said afterwards, “The people are just so great.” So perhaps she is beginning to understand why we enjoy our work on the Wine Trail Traveler website.

We wish all of winery friends we have met along the way a prosperous and wonderful 2010 and look forward to meeting many more while discovering the wonders of the wine world.

Cheers! Kathy

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