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Wine Tasting on Twitter Tonight

Today is the day for the Twitter tasting of wine blends. This is the third Twitter tasting monthly event promoted by Rick Bakas of St. Supery Vineyards and Winery.

Every first Thursday of the month, a special wine tasting is held virtually online. Wine lovers can participate by choosing a wine from a broad category, tasting it and sending a tweet about it. The time to tweet is officially 5 to 7 pm Pacific Standard time.

Wineries and wine lovers can both benefit from participating in these online tastings. Wine lovers can try new wines and learn about others. Wineries can promote their own wines or wine regions by tweeting about them.

The first Twitter tasting in February used only California Cabernet Sauvignon. The first Thursday of March focused on Sauvignon Blancs from anywhere in the world. Tonight’s wine tasting is about any wine blends from anywhere in the world.

Wine lovers may wish to visit a winery tasting room with friends, try a blend or two and tweet about them. Perhaps it has been a long week and you happen to have a blend in your wine cellar that you can retrieve and enjoy in the convenience of your own home and tweet your thoughts about it.

If you live in another time zone, adjust for the time difference or you may want to tweet early as many wine enthusiasts did last month. Everyone will get the message!

What wine blend will you enjoy tonight?

Cheers! Kathy

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