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Drink Local Wine Conference Field Trip to Boxwood Winery

The Drink Local Wine Conference began with a reception held at Boxwood Winery in Middleburg, Virginia. Many wineries mention that they have a state of the art facility. Boxwood Winery could easily become the poster child for a state of the art facility.  The technology includes GPS monitering of vineyards and computer controlled stainless steel tanks. A temperature and humidity controlled barrel aging cave has over eighty barrels resting over rocks. The rocks help control the humidity.

Unlike many American wineries, Boxwolod Winery produces a small portfolio of just three wines. The vineyard has plantings of the Bordeaux red grapes and the three wines made are blends of Bordeaux grapes. The winemakers add little to the juice while fermenting or the wine while aging.

This winery is a good example of a state of an art facility. In addition to a functioning winery, the facility is artistic. Unfortunately wine travelers cannot just stop by; they need to make an appointment first. Tours and tastings cost $20.

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