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Have You Had a West Virginia Wine?

Have you had the opportunity to taste a West Virginia wine yet?

So, we are starting our exploration of wineries in West Virginia. Yes you read it right because yes West Virginia does have wineries producing wines. Currently there are 20 vineyards producing wines from their own vineyards and out-of-state vineyards. Some of these wineries are also producing fruit wines.

We visited Forks of Cheat Winery where we discovered  almost 16 acres of grapevines located on slopes to protect them from frosts. The vineyards have Baco Noir, Marchel Foch, Leon Millot and more. The winery also consists of a cheerful tasting room with a tasting counter and room to walk around to browse gifts. On a second floor is located “The Hobbit’s Attic” a delightful room with carefully selected unique gift items to choose between. Outside the tasting room has been landscaped with an array of ornamental bushes and flowers as well as some vegetables. A large multi level deck leads to a large pavilion. This area is also landscaped and includes a fountain. This is available for rental.

Forks of Cheat Winery, a few miles off of Interstate 68, is worth a visit. Take your time and plan to stay a while and enjoy the experience.

Cheers! Kathy

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