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Carlo Rossi Reserve Merlot

After traveling in a car for six hours, I was ready for some wine at the Hampton Inn’s manager reception. The Streetsboro, Ohio Hampton Inn had a Carlo Rossi Reserve Merlot that comes in a five liter box.  There was a slight aroma of black fruit. The taste was smooth with raspberry nuances. The finish had lingering fruit, very mild tannins and a bit of heat. Not meant to be aged, the wine is ready to drink now. One can drink it alone or pair with food. The reception included nacho chips, ground spicy ground beef and a cheddar cheese topping. One could drink the Merlot with this.

Box wines have improved much recently. They can last longer on the shelf or in the refrigerator. Some consumers have a negative impression of wines packaged in boxes. However there is an air tight bag inside the box that collapses in on itself, keeping oxygen out. Wines in boxes can stay fresher for a longer time than bottled wine. On the other hand, if you can drink five liters at a time it may just be a mute argument.


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