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Writing a Haiku for Regional Wine Week

I decided to take the haiku challenge offered by the website Drinklocalwine. The website has asked for submissions of haiku that have something to do with drink local wine. Drinklocalwine.com was organized by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre. Be sure to check out the website.

I don’t ever remember writing a haiku while in school. So it was with some trepidation that I decided to write one. However it was fun and soon I had six written. Okay it was fun, although it did remind of writing a Twitter tweet where one is limited to 140 characters. To write a typical haiku, it consists of only three lines. The first and third lines should only be five syllables while the second line is seven syllables.

Try it and see what haikus you can come up with for Regional Wine Week! If you are visiting local wineries or enjoying a local wine write about it and send a link to Drinklocalwine.com

Below are the six haikus I had fun with.

Cheers! Kathy

Wine local focus
Winery visits surely
Enjoy fun, friends, wines

Wine month is here now
New York, Texas, Virginia
Drink local wine soon

Numerous styles
Virginia in the East has
Reds, whites, and fruit wines

Texas vineyards now
Boasts hundreds acres of vines
Room for more today

New York’s nine terroirs
Offer a variety
From Cab to Riesling

Bright green vineyards now
Laden with purple ripe grapes
Harvest time is here

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