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Wines from the Basque area of Rioja Alavesa

Last week, Kathy and I attended a wine tasting of six wines from the Basque region of Spain. The wines were from producers in the Rioja Alavesa area. Paul Wagner led the discussion. The tasting was a sit down tasting, which we appreciated after walking for a few hours on the Mall viewing the Folklife […]

Writing a Haiku for Regional Wine Week

I decided to take the haiku challenge offered by the website Drinklocalwine. The website has asked for submissions of haiku that have something to do with drink local wine. Drinklocalwine.com was organized by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre. Be sure to check out the website. I don’t ever remember writing a haiku while in school. […]

Wine writers to write poetry?

Wine writers and bloggers are challenged to try their hand at writing poetry for the Regional Wine Week contest. Regional Wine Week, October 10th through the 16th, is organized by DrinkLocalWine.com. Wine writers, bloggers, Facebook fans and Tweeterers are asked to write a haiku about local wines. So what will writers who use such terms […]

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