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Giving the Gift of Wine

With 54 days until Christmas, it seems like a lot of time to do the holiday shopping. Over time I’ve met people who have their shopping done by the middle of November and even by the end of October. Rather than a gift of fruitcake, a tie, candy or toaster, Vint Hill Craft Winery has come up with some great ideas and deals for Christmas gifts.

1. Purchase two cases of wine with the Vint Hill label and get 20 percent off. For those in need of three cases, the discount goes to 30 percent.

2. Purchase Vint Hill American Blend Red Wine with a custom label for $23.00 for each per bottle. There is a minimum order of six cases.”

3. Planning a business or large party?  Buy a barrel of wine for $5,000.  The wine will be custom labeled and bottled. (300 bottles) – it’s only $16.66 a bottle.

Anyone wanting custom labels needs to have that information to the winery by, November 18, 2010.

For more details, see the Vint Hill Craft Winery website. Or visit the winery located in Vint Hill Farms, Virginia. The email is info@craftwinery.com.

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