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Fellow Wine Travelers

At breakfast in Wellington, NZ this morning we talked to two other wine travelers sitting next to us. One was from England and the other was from Australia. Both were touring wineries from the South Island to the North Island. They both enjoyed the New Zealand wines they had tasted and were use to seeing many New Zealand wines in their wine shops in the United Kingdom and Australia.

I asked if they visited wineries in England. The response was the typical, “I didn’t know they had wineries in England.” I’ve heard this response many times before. I spoke of Ridgeview Estate, Breaky Bottom, Carr Taylor and Wickham. I suggested that they visit the Internet site for the South East England Wine Trail. The trail has twenty wineries they could visit. They were both interested in visiting those wineries in the future. Discussion did continue with areas to visit on North Island. We suggested that they visit some of the Cellar Door’s in the Gimblett Gravels. It was interesting to talk with fellow wine enthusiasts who are traveling to wineries. Wine certainly becomes a universal language.

To read about New Zealand and England wineries visit the Wine Trail Traveler site.


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