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Gewürztraminer for Christmas

Since we missed a traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, we decided to go with turkey for Christmas. Our Thanksgiving Day was spent in the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand. We had fish and chips and a bottle of Delegat’s Sauvignon Blanc. For Christmas we had a fresh turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy ad cranberries.

We choose a 2007 Thornton Gewürztraminer from Temecula Valley, California for our Christmas wine. Previously we had been drinking several bottles of the wine I bottled in August. Our guests really liked it. However I thought a white would be nice for the Christmas meal.

The Gewürztraminer had a floral and fruity aroma. It was slightly sweet on the taste but dried on the aftertaste. Since our stuffing was on the salty side the wine matched well giving it a hint of sweetness and fruit. It also matches well with the turkey and potatoes and gravy. This was a good selection for our Christmas meal. With the slight sweetness and hint of spices the Gewürztraminer is festive and brings out the holiday of that day.

Thornton winery offers visitors a unique winery experience. Taste several different sparkling wines as well as whites and reds. Plan to have a meal with wines in their Café Champagne restaurant. Spend time walking around the beautiful landscaped grounds. Read about Thornton Winery on the Wine Trail Traveler site.


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