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Stemware for Wines

What type of stemware do you use for wine or Champagne?

Shortly before Christmas, while washing a Reidel red wineglass, it slipped out of my hand and shattered in the kitchen sink. It was frustrating as Terry and I would frequently enjoy using our pair of Riedel glasses for red wines. I really like the features of Riedel stemware.  Even so, Riedel stemware is not inexpensive and to think about replacing a traditional piece and having it break so easily was not something I wanted to do.

A couple of weeks later I came across a set of stemware that looked nice and had all the qualities I wanted, Luigi Bormioli. The style is traditional and it had a 25-year guarantee. The stemware is made with SON.hyx that is transparent but according to the claims very resistant to breakage.

The style is very nice with a thin lip, which I always look for in stemware. I was impressed with the stemware and purchased a set of eight for a gift. A short time later I purchased a set of 4 champagne glasses for home. They are delightful and were perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve with a sparkling wine.

Have you tried the Luigi Bormioli stemware made with SON.hyx? Do you like it? What is your favorite wine glass?

Cheers! Kathy

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