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Marketing for Wineries at the Wineries Unlimited Conference

The 2012 Wineries Unlimited Trade Show & Conference began on Tuesday, March 27 with an emphasis on marketing. Moderator and speaker Elizabeth Slater is a successful and passionate marketing expert. She started In Short Direct Marketing in 1994. Among her numerous ideas, Elizabeth emphasized, messaging is getting the right information through the right channels to […]

A Riedel Tasting at IFWTWA

A presentation of Riedel stemware at the IFWTWA Conference in Las Vegas

Holiday Gifts: Wine Stemware

Many different types of stemware are available for the wine enthusiast. When looking for stemware for someone who is new to wine or already an experienced wine drinker, the wine glass does make a difference. Think of it like a cup of coffee, does the same coffee taste as good in a paper, Styrofoam cup, […]

Stemware for Wines

What type of stemware do you use for wine or Champagne? Shortly before Christmas, while washing a Reidel red wineglass, it slipped out of my hand and shattered in the kitchen sink. It was frustrating as Terry and I would frequently enjoy using our pair of Riedel glasses for red wines. I really like the […]

14 Shopping Days Before Christmas

Wineglasses can be problematic to choose for gifts but if you know someone who may enjoy receiving wineglasses consider some of these tips. Riedel, Spiegelau, Stolzle and Schott Zwiesel are renowned wineglass brands. These companies produce different types of wineglasses for different types of wine. These are relatively expensive so if price is no problem […]

Is Wine a Sophisticated Beverage?

The other day I read a comment on another blog site in which the writer said that he drinks wine because it is more “sophisticated”. Hmmm. I had to wonder exactly who he is trying to impress and why is he trying to be sophisticated. The comment reminded me of something akin to a middle […]

Oregon’s Riedel Pinot Noir Stemware

A few months ago I became aware of the Riedel stemware which Riedel created specifically for Oregon’s Pinot Noir. This week I had the opportunity to use one of these glasses for a tasting. The bowl is large and the top flared. The flared top helps direct the aroma of the wine towards the nose. […]

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