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Holiday Gifts: Wine Stemware

Many different types of stemware are available for the wine enthusiast. When looking for stemware for someone who is new to wine or already an experienced wine drinker, the wine glass does make a difference. Think of it like a cup of coffee, does the same coffee taste as good in a paper, Styrofoam cup, mug or fine china cup. Each type is okay at different times but do you remember the paper cup of coffee or the china cup of coffee experience the most.

Even when the liquid is the same, it’s the total experience that helps to remember and appreciate the moment and the drink. Does the same wine in a mug taste identical to the wine in quality wine glass?

Anyone who is interested in wine will want to have quality stemware. Quality stemware does not need to be expensive. Keep in mind that the best wine glasses should be free of color and designs that interfere with looking at the color of the wine. The rim of the glass should be thin as a thick rim obstructs an even flow of wine.  The glass should also be well balanced.

Quality names frequently heard are Riedel and Stölzle. These are two brands we frequently come across in wine country. Riedel also makes a stemless glass which is a more casual wine glass. Another brand is Fusion that is break resistant. A variety of less expensive stemware is available at discount stores and department stores. Check the glass for lightweight, balance and a thin rim.

If you are shopping for the person who has everything, then consider a unique wine glass by Taste of Purple. The company has designed a wine glass with a thumbprint indentation in the side of the glass. This helps to aerate the wine while swirling. Those with acute hearing can actually hear the swish of the wine when swirling it in the glass. Taste of Purple also has a unique decanter.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

Cheers! Kathy

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