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A Notch in my Wine Glass

I purchased two VINO2 wine glasses from Taste of Purple. The first reaction is, “These glasses are hugh.” They are larger than my Riedel red wine glasses. However after trying the glass during a dinner, they were quite manageable and didn’t seem that large unless set next to other Bordeaux glasses. Unique with this glass is a thumb-size notch. While swirling the wine, the indentation breaks the wine thus allowing it to breathe. If you have an opportunity to use one of these glasses, listen while you are swriling the wine. You can hear the wine splashing. Perhaps the novelty of the glass will eventually wear off. However, at the moment it is fun swirling wine and I wonder at what point one may over aerate the wine.

My first experience with this glass was a couple years ago in Suisun County, California. Attending a special dinner at the Vezér Family Vineyard Mankas Corner tasting room, Frank Vezér brought out a couple of these glasses for us to try. They certainly splashed the wine. We did not over swril since we were also eating dinner while drinking the wine.

Two VINO2 wine glasses will cost $80. This may be too costly for a large set of these glasses, but many people would enjoy a set of two glasses that can be used for dinners. Consider giving a couple glasses to friends and family as gifts on special occasions.


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