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New Jersey Winery Opens Wine School

A New Jersey winery is opening a wine school. If you enjoy wine and have any interest in how to make it, then consider producing your own wine with the help of a winery.

Cava Winery & Vineyard is opening a “wine school” adjacent to their winery and tasting room. On July 30 at 6:30 pm, the winery is hosting the Cava Winemaking School Orientation. Attendees will be treated to an orientation and walk-thru of the wine making process. The varietal grape you choose to produce your wine needs to be decided upon quickly. The orientation includes a light pasta buffet and a glass of Sangria. Check out the Cava Winery & Vineyard website. Reservations are requested – call 973-823-9463 or email info@cavawinery.com

With harvest time approaching (and I’ve heard that wineries in Texas have already started harvest) it’s the perfect time to start planning to create your own wine. For those who want some professional guidance along the way, the perfect place to make your own wine is probably a winery or winemaking facility.

Opportunities for producing your wine are beginning to spring up around the country. If you are considering making your own wine, here are some suggestions.

  • Consider the distance you need to travel to the winery. While an hour or two drive may not seem far, it does add up if you want to spend considerable amount of time at the winery.
  • Decide if you want minimal intervention or if you want to use products like Laffort to guide the wine in the direction you ultimately want.
  • The cost of making wine is dependent on several things including where the grapes are sourced from as well as if you are using French or American oak. There are also additional charges if aged longer than 9 months or so.

Other winemaking experiences can be discovered at Vint Hill Craft Winery in northern Virginia and Tin Lizzie Wineworks in central Maryland.

Of course, if you don’t have a wine school near you may want to experiment with making wine at home!

To read a blog about making wine at a winery and at home check out winemaking.WineTrailTraveler.com.

Cheers, Kathy

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