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Maryland Homebrew Moves to Larger Site

Home brewers and winemakers can shop for supplies at Maryland Homebrew in Columbia, Maryland. On Sunday the store closed its doors and moved to a new location during a visit by Hurricane Irene. The new location is just six doors away from the former location. Owner, Tom Brenton, was delighted about the new location. The square footage of space increased from 2500 square feet to 6750 square feet. That is more than two and a half times the size of the original location that served Central Maryland home brewers and winemakers for 16 years.

In this new location there are separate rooms for winemaking and beer making supplies. A room off the winemaking supplies room will serve as a winemaking demonstration room. There are many rooms in the new location. A library is planned for customers to sit and read wine and beer books or surf the Internet for recipes. The beer supply area is quite large and there is a separate room for the grains.

Wine and beer supplies won’t be the only thing to look forward to. Within the next couple weeks Maryland Homebrew will stock cheese making supplies. Customers can purchase rennet, cheese cultures, cheese presses and hard wax. Not only will there be cheese making supplies, the store will also stock supplies for making vinegar. Both red wine mother and white wine mother will be in stock. Those winemakers that do not like the way a wine turned out can try their skill at turning their wine into a wine vinegar.

Doors opened to customers during the regular business hours today. The staff did an incredible job moving from the old location to the new location during hurricane conditions over the weekend. Although there is more to set up over the next few weeks, Maryland Homebrew is worth a visit today.


Wine supply area in Maryland Homebrew’s new location

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