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Off to Prosser, Washington Wineries

Ever since meeting Linda and Don Mercer on last November’s trip to New Zealand wineries, we’ve looked for an opportunity to visit them in Prosser. The opportunity came the last week of September. We were in Portland anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second grand child. This time it is a girl. Our plan was to fly out to Portland, Oregon from the East Coast in late September then be in Portland when Clara decides to put in an appearance.

We also wanted to visit wineries and Prosser has a concentration of wineries to visit. Last year we made it to Seattle, Woodinville and Walla Walla. On Monday we’re stopping in Hood River to visit three tasting rooms on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. Then from Tuesday through Friday we’ll visit several of the wineries in and near Prosser.

Another expectation is to visit Eric and Lori of Aprés Vin. They own a grape seed oil company and specialize in varietal grape seed oils and infused varietal grape seed oils. We have cooked with these oils for a couple years and enjoy the aromas and tastes. Since we are launching a new companion website in January about cheese, wine vinegar and olive & grape seed oils, the trip will give us an excellent opportunity to see the process from pumice after pressing the wine or juice to oil extraction. This isn’t our first encounter with grape seed oil. Our first indoctrination came at Joseph’s Estate Wines in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Dr. Joseph Pohorly makes grape seed oil from grape seeds and touts the medicinal value of the oil. Both Joseph’s Estates and Aprés Vin also make grape flour. Aprés Vin makes varietal grape flour. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy a Merlot with a dish cooked in Merlot grape seed oil and a bread made with Merlot flour. Many other varietal oils and flours are also available.

Another interest are the wineries grouped close together near the Prosser airport. We visited several wineries grouped close together near the airport in Walla Walla. The wineries near the Prosser airport call their area Vintner’s Village with one structure called the Winemaker’s loft. We are looking forward to writing about the village and loft.


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