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August, a Lot Going On

There’s a lot going on. During July, we went full drive on completing our first book. The book centers around a wine journey. The journey involved wine education classes, winemaking at home and at wineries and wine travel. In addition to the manuscript, we have had the book edited. After editing, I created an InDesign document including the text and images.  A pdf was sent to readers and a one will be sent to a publisher. Now we are on target to publish by the end of the year. While working on our first book, we drafted outlines for four additional books.

We not only have the book demanding our time, our daughter, Meghan, also a writer for Wine Trail Traveler, is getting married on August 4th. Instead of the wedding being on home turf, it is in Ohio. Planning and activities have been intense for the last week. We are pleased that we were asked to provide a couple cases of our wine for the reception. Our 2010 Marlborogh, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will accompany our 2009 Paso Robles, Cabernet Sauvignon. Both wines are tasting quite good right now. Meghan, helped with the bottling of the Cabernet Sauvignon a year ago. The wine has been in a bottle for one year and has changed during that time.

After returning home from the wedding, we head to Portland, Oregon for family and the Wine Bloggers’ Conference. While there, we will have ample opportunities to taste some of our favorite Pinot Noirs. We hope to visit some wineries we haven’t visited before. The conference affords an opportunity to make new acquaintances and see those from last year’s Wine Bloggers Conference.

There’s certainly a lot going on for the next several weeks. Returning from Portland, we’ll celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. At least we have some nice wines that we made to share with family and friends. Bring on the next thirty days.


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