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Maryland Wine: A Full-Bodied History Book Review

Maryland Wine: A Full-Bodied History by Regina Mc Carthy and published in 2012 goes back to 1648 to discover winemaking in Maryland mentioned. In Maryland during the 1800s, John Adlum influenced grape growing to such an extent he has been recognized as the “Father of American Viticulture.”

Mc Carthy follows the Maryland wine industry through the 20th century into the 21st century, noting the role of archaic state laws. In addition to mentioning Prohibition, the author includes, “For quite some time, the state laws were so archaic that they stated a winery could only sell one quart of wine to any one person per year.”  Slowly but surely the grape growing industry and the wine industry in Maryland are growing.

Mc Carthy has taken the time to thoroughly research Maryland wine history including interviewing numerous Maryland winery owners and winemakers. Many of the Maryland wineries and winemakers are included in Maryland Wine: A Full-Bodied History.

While the wine industry in Maryland is not large, Mc Carthy has done a service to the industry to highlight the history behind the Maryland wine industry. For more information and to read a full review, visit the Wine Traveler book review section.

Cheers, Kathy

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